Centraal Achter

We start the tour in an older area of Rotterdam, at the back of Central Station. We all know the skyscrapers and crazy architecture that has made the city famous, but this is also Rotterdam. Have a look at the 30s apartments and the turn of the century gentleman's houses. It's not for no reason that this area is highly coveted among house seekers. Even people from Amsterdam settle here nowadays, especially with their home town just 30 minutes away by train. Now as you walk through the Proveniersstraat have a good look around at the old and new houses, and see if you can pick out the 'real' old ones compared to the ones that were built later.

Fun fact: About halfway the Proveniersstraat you will see a green wall on the left, with an old bit at the end which has a little piece of a poem left on it by Jules Deelder. It's from 'Rotown', and our favourite sentence from this work is 'Rotterdam cannot be filmed, Rotterdam is way too real' :).